Shakey’s Escape®

A kitty powered action adventure

Follow Shakey on a Quest to find a new home. Shakey’s Escape is available now on Android and iOS

“Best Cat Game I Have Ever Played!!!!!!!!!”
–  Snowro YT (Google Play)


The Game

Jump and run with Shakey and help this hero cat find a new home. In one of the most amusing and enjoyable cat jumping games of the year, be ready to enjoy a great, vivid, fun and completely unique cat jumping platform game. Shakey’s Escape is an interactive quest about an unfortunate cat named Shakey whose owner kicks him out of the house. Now our unlucky hero is forced to wander the streets in search of a new home…


Available on Google Play and the App Store

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Raised by an evil girl named Kate, Shakey grew up to become a bold and mischievous Kitty, always getting into trouble.
One day, while he was peacefully sleeping, Kate stormed in with the remains of her favorite teddy bear in hand.
“Shakey!!”, she screamed, “You ruined him Shakey!!”, she picked him up by the tail and tossed him down the stairs. “I will never EVER! let you out of the basement AGAIN!!!”